We do it all, well…almost





Why we do it

Here are our top three reasons

Reason one

More smiles for miles. The more that we can ‘wow’ you and see your bright smiles, the more we can take pride in what we do. Who says that work can’t be fun?!

Reason two

We’re creatures of passion. Our team has been carefully selected and hand picked not solely on their talent but their passion. When you love something, its less likely to feel like work.

Still not convinced? Here’s a good one:

Reason three

Event vendors don’t always work well together. At Entertainment Source Company, all of the services that we provide are in house. Why is this so important? Synergy is key when creating a masterpiece.

Our Work

Every event that we deliver is a clear representation, a trophy if you will of our unparallel dedication to the clients that we serve.

What our customers say

We have 500+ online reviews. Go ahead and give us a Google!

“We walked into our tent and Sarah started to cry because it was so beautiful. We’d recommend Entertainment Source to anyone ”

John & Sarah | Tent & Event Rentals

Event Date: July, 2017

“Ours was by far, the BEST wedding that we’ve ever been to. Our DJ was beyond entertaining. We still get compliments to this day!”

Jessica & Jeff | Disc Jockey

Married August, 2016


Entertainment Source Company Inc. is committed to ensuring your peace of mind and the smooth and seamless execution of your event.


5 George St

Bowmanville, ON L1C 2Y5

(647) 793-6527

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