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The Luxury Restroom Trailer

I can appreciate that everyone uses the washroom, so let’s talk toilets. Its understandable that this wasn’t on your list of hot topics to read about today but it could be so buckle up because I’m about to talk dirty to you, “potty” talk if you will.

“This is better than my washroom at home!”

Jennifer H., Entertainment Source Company Inc., C.F.O

Entertainment Source Company Inc. is a company that prides itself of providing pretty much all of your event amenities which we do with style and ease but the “gastly” question that would arise on almost a daily basis was “Do you have portable washrooms?” and with my head held in shame, I would decline. So I went on a discovery mission in the summer of 2017, visiting events during the set up period. I saw everything from the construction grade to the medium grade units and truthfully, I wasn’t overly impressed. This got me thinking about how we could improve this…

I immediately put it out to the team and the planning begun. During our research we found that people spent about 18% of their lives on the john, some more than others, so why do it in an ‘unenjoyable’ location?!

The good news is, there’s now a company that can cater to the luxury washroom trailer market, the bad news is, we have to empty them..

These are set to be available to rent for January 1, 2019

Anthony H.,

Entertainment Source Company Inc.


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